My fascination

Combining centuries-old forms of art craft, but executed with the modern techniques of today, fascinates me enormously. It is precisely modern technology that builds a beautiful bridge with that past. The old masters had insights that still amaze our generation on a daily basis.

Discovering history

Finding an inspiring location is a challenge in itself. I do a lot of research via Google.
In addition, I sometimes find incredibly fascinating stories. Before I actually travel, I first research Google Maps.
I first carefully map all the roads, paths and fences.

The journey

Once I arrive, my heart starts beating faster from the tension and excitement. This one rises to great heights if I manage to get into a building. It often feels like I’m visiting a forgotten friend, who I find difficult to recognize. For me, that’s pure emotion. Many others can’t find anything. For them, they are only dusty, colorless ruins. Empty, abandoned and broken by the test of time.

For me, it’s the grandeur of yesteryear that comes to the surface. I see the beauty, in which every old detail contains a new story. I imagine how a building breathed in its glory days. The colors, the opulent décor. How the proud owners descended the massive, wide staircases, clad in their richly embellished attire.

The story

Sometimes the photography itself is almost too exciting, because of the risk and danger at the place itself. Once I’ve taken my photos, I’ll wait a while. In fact, it never takes less than a month and sometimes up to a year before the right inspiration presents itself. I have to get away from my emotions and feelings around the recording moment.

Once I have settled on this, I will only see the files. That is the moment when I no longer feel any tension and can start editing. When I get into a good flow, this goes well, but for many photos it takes months before I am completely satisfied. The work gives me enormous satisfaction, but above all I want to show my audience something unique. I want to convey my passion to them. That’s why I have a keen eye for the drama and impact I expect a photo will have on someone who hasn’t made the journey themselves.

My Portfolio