Personal Art

I offer the exclusive opportunity to create your personal artwork. With ‘Personal Art’ you can be the centre of attention.

How does it work?

Your personal wishes and ideas give me all the information I need to create the story.

Then we do a photo session. Together we determine the surroundings and atmosphere. When I am completely satisfied, I start with my digital painting technique.

How do I work?

To create a photo story, I only use elements from my own photo collection of unique abandoned places. I have photographed these myself during my travels to and visits of unique abandoned historical places all over Europe.

An example can be seen on the photo with a ghost town created by me, consisting of abandoned buildings. I collected these in the former Soviet Union. I also use photos from my own collection for natural elements such as plants, insects/butterflies and landscape.

If certain objects are needed for a photo session, they also come from my own vintage collection. And otherwise we can search together for something specific. In any case, I only use real and natural fabrics.

Real compositions

The most important thing is that the photos are real. The locations are as they are. They are not artificial backgrounds or canvases. They are compositions of existing elements. My painting technique gives the atmosphere effect and therefore the experience.

Through the always unique setting, combined with careful use of colour, I create personal painting stories.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your wishes!

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