My name is Julia Goezinnen

I was born in Ukraine, where I received my father’s love of painting from an early age. My father worked according to the technique of old masters.

There were plenty of examples in our house. I grew up with the books and illustrations of Flemish and Italian painting school. My favorite was a full collection of the Dresden Gallery. When I was a child, I knew almost all the paintings of this gallery by heart and looked at them every day and again and again. I found the colors, light and atmosphere very fascinating.

Inspired by his talent and love of photography, I combine both techniques. For several years now I have been looking with my camera for abandoned places that exude an unique atmosphere. In my work I capture the dilapidated beauty and magic of these hidden gems. The colours and atmosphere of the buildings are important and decisive in my work.

This way I travel all over Europe in search of these special locations.I record them with respect and colour them carefully with my digital painting technique.

My Portfolio