Disclaimer digitale communication

Of course, I take all measures to ensure careful communication.However, something can go wrong when sending e-mail, for example.An address can be typed incorrectly or a recipient can be mistakenly selected other than intended. Because sent has been sent, I use a disclaimer to legally guarantee the privacy of persons and information.

Even when providing information via the website, an error or imperfection may creep in.No matter how careful I try to be with this. Below are therefore 2 disclaimers, for emails and for the content of the website.

Disclaimer e-mail traffic

The contents of this message and any attachtments are exclusively intended for the addressee. The recipient who is not an addressee is requested to notify the sender immediately of the erroneously receipt. Any use of the contents of this message and/or the attachtment(s) by anyone other than the addressee is not allowed. Due to the electronic dispatch of this message no rights can be derived from in the information. Itzamna reserves the right to monitor all and any communication via e-mail.

Disclaimer website

My website has been developed with the utmost care. The utmost care is being given to keep the information as complete, correct, topical and accessible as possible.

However, I am not liable for any direct or indirect damage that may occur by the use of the offered information on the website. No rights can be reserved or claimed from the contents of this website.